Venue Like a Work of Art

Has your loved one ever told you that you’re so breathtaking you belong in a museum? Well, if they did and that managed to catch your attention instead of a heavy eye roll then perhaps you should take a look at the Delaware Art Museum. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your wedding photos will be worth millions. Continue reading “Venue Like a Work of Art”

Perfect Inspiration for a Rustic Wedding

Ok. This week’s Morning Cup of Wedding doesn’t have as much wedding in it as usual, BUT you absolutely HAVE to see this enchanting and adorable set up for baby shower at The FarmhouseContinue reading “Perfect Inspiration for a Rustic Wedding”

Love Yourself, Love your Wedding

Growing up, every girl has been told that her wedding day is her day. Now that you’re almost to that momentous occasion it hardly feels like it, right? Catering, seating arrangements, location, traditional vs modern practices. Sometimes your wedding feels like it’s being planned around everyone and everything but you.  Continue reading “Love Yourself, Love your Wedding”

What to do With the Unexpected

If there’s anything we can expect from weddings, big events, and life in general it’s the arrival of the unexpected. But, when life takes an unexpected turn why do we tend to look at it as a negative? Bonnie Wireback Photography writes in her blog the amazing story of this couple who’s entire journey together surfaced from the unexpected and only continued to bring more unanticipated happiness because they tackled it together.  Continue reading “What to do With the Unexpected”

Frosty Fall on the Tracks

There are some nippy days ahead and a bit of frosty weather has already crashed a couple of parties, but never let that stop you from making the best of your wedding day! Megan and Shawn had old man winter breeze in the day of their wedding.

Continue reading “Frosty Fall on the Tracks”

Splendor of a Fall Wedding

There is nothing akin to splendor of fall color exposed by a sunny day on the grounds of a beautiful venue like Carriage House at Rockwood Park. When it occurs on your wedding day, it makes for amazing photography.

Continue reading “Splendor of a Fall Wedding”

Smokin’ Suits

Smokey grays and riveting golds give this wedding a timeless looking array of photos. The Sheraton Wilmington South’s warm decor and towering lobby garnishes a comfortable, but, luxurious setting for Megan and Matt’s happy union. Continue reading “Smokin’ Suits”