Wedding Parades to Reception Complete with Mardi Gras Band! Exuberance!

Joy and Smiles fill this Morning Cup of Wedding with an Indianapolis Louisiana wedding. Louisiana style Mardi Gras parade complete with band and colorful streamers lead the wedding party and guests through the streets to the reception. Donuts or Fastnacht represents the wedding cake. Even a little rain couldn’t dampen the exuberance of this bride and groom. Enjoy! For more photos in your cup, Click Here

pwg parade bride the parade and ribbons

pwg parade bride instruments

pwg parade bride fun on dance floor

PWG Parade bride preppwg parade bride the groom

pwg parade bride altar

pwg parade bride priest and guests

pwg parade bride bouquet

pwg parade bride reception decor
pwg parade bride the donut cakepwg parade bride table number and info

pwg parade bride and

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