IKEA Gets in the Bridal Business with New Virtual Wedding Service


Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide


When you think Ikea, you envision DIY projects, Swedish meatballs, cinnamon buns and cute knick knacks you don’t need but absolutely want! You don’t necessary think about love–unless swooning over their new stationary collection counts.

When it comes to mastering the art of boxing things up for a perfectly assembled experience, Ikea has it all figured and now they seemingly have mastered how to create the perfect wedding–virtually.

With Weddings Online a couple can broadcast their wedding live for up to 6 hours, online, and have up to nine people in their immediate wedding party. In order to interact with the couple during the marriage ceremony you need to have a Facebook or Twitter account, if you have neither you can still watch the ceremony you just won’t be able to interact with the couple and their guests.

The weird thing is strangers will be able to see your wedding taking place, but that can’t be any weirder than having a virtual wedding–right?

Does having a wedding courtesy of Ikea excite you? Check out the video below for a first look!

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