Happy child, Happy Wedding – Some Ideas for Children at Your Reception

Children wedding ideas

Children love a Morning Cup of Wedding party. Here are some ideas to help make the children who attend feel special and involved. For more info on how to create some of these ideas, follow this link: http://goo.gl/3lJkvI

 Credit: The KnotChildren wedding ideas 2 Children Wedding Ideas 3 Children Wedding ideas 4 Children wedding ideas 5 Children Wedding idea 6 Children wedding ideas9 Children Wedding ideas 10 Children WEdding idea 11 Children wedding idea 12

2 thoughts on “Happy child, Happy Wedding – Some Ideas for Children at Your Reception

  1. Amen! I enjoyed the many different ideas you have for placating children at a wedding reception. Many of my wedding clients have children attend the reception. Children are part of the wedding ceremony (in most of the weddings I conduct) and they are also part of the reception. Although it is hard to keep young children interested in the activities the adults are enjoying – these ideas you have provided are excellent. I will be passing along this information!

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