Overflowing with Joy

Blueprint Photography tills our Morning Cup of Wedding to overflowing with joy from the wedding of this wonderfully animated couple. Every photo captured such joy, emotion, and love. Be sure to flip through the photos and view their wedding cake! For more about Blueprint Photography, follow this link.

11253885_10153232501293211_4956036930467763836_n 11047911_10153232501203211_8903061912377273713_n 11159530_10153232501243211_4037042608564688847_n

11231747_10153232501288211_5460178734030763848_n 11152679_10153232501268211_1796290772041087951_n

11212747_10153232501238211_8565283751731472981_n 11212747_10153232501233211_7297057538486026334_n


11260933_10153232502908211_2075359042559332929_n19610_10153232502903211_2583419433768478310_nDELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

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