Chesapeake Bay Love on Land and on Water

This Morning Cup of Wedding is served hot and fresh from a great group of wedding professionals brought together at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay. This stylish gathering was planned and brought together by  Eastern Shore Events and all captured by Nicole Barr Photography. All these great flavors come together to make one beautiful and bold cup. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events click here

. 11334025_1049606395067289_4754373266679910294_o  11136280_1049431695084759_569258848944680645_o10394063_836024023145862_5528463204741638196_n 11393039_1049611915066737_8114558417102596751_o 11329973_1049399551754640_4918936006536511892_n 10919418_1049612025066726_5704573152146515730_o 10668976_1049419275086001_481052228408155897_o 10535731_1049606421733953_1970180574876369395_o 1911282_1049611731733422_5167329720623487778_o 11334224_1049611778400084_4827177607156683_o 1599234_1049606308400631_2991762109901348587_o 11228541_1049606428400619_2002221757889125048_o 11227523_1049606321733963_7679013316199326146_o 11147579_1049611721733423_2690779564971126642_o 11393609_1049609638400298_461028632611672418_oTo see more from this lovely wedding check out Delaware Perfect Wedding’s facebook here.

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