Splendid Day for a Garden Wedding

Nothing is more appropriate for a Morning Cup of Wedding than a beautiful garden wedding. The light in these photos by Kerry Harrison Photography makes for a graceful and cheery atmosphere about theHagley Weddings grounds. To see more photos by Kerry Harrison of weddings at the Hagley Museum and Library , visit her websitewww.kerryharrison.net. To learn how to contact the Hagley Museum and Kerry Harrison Photography, click here and here.


11334022_10205050625398083_3444369634567547658_o 11114772_10205050627478135_5090741848492483036_o


11263149_10205050630518211_835623473813115170_o 885501_10205050631558237_7241909892009946673_o

11148827_10205050625518086_6791097832671944350_o 11312984_10205050625438084_6735320310939831169_o

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