Crab Mallets, Popcorn, Beach Chairs – a Delmarvalous Beach Themed Wedding at Heritage Shores

Morning Cup of Wedding invites you to take a peek at this elegant Beach Themed wedding so wonderfully arranged and hosted by the Heritage Shores Club. Popcorn, crab mallets and a lovely cake topped by two Adirondack Chairs are just some of the details that says this couple loves the Delmarva Shores. Well done and Congratulations! For more about Heritage Shores for your wedding click HERE

Heritage Shores summer popcorn bar

Heritage Shores summer planter and bride entranceHeritage Shores summer ceremony view  Heritage Shores fan programHeritage Shores Summer room setup and decor  Heritage Shores table scape                    Heritage Shores Summer cake and room   Heritage Shores Memory table  Heritage Shores Summer plate and gifts  Heritage Shores Summer room through flowers                          Heritage Shores Summer drink signHeritage Shores Starfish table seating cards

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