Take Me To Church (And Then the Party) in Newark

Good Morning Brides to Be! This Morning Cup wants you to start your week feeling sharp and classy and nothing can do that better than Kerry Harrison Photography at the beautiful Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club Newark. Lexi and Brian started their beautiful wedding at the historical St John the Baptist Church in Newark and carried their reception to Deerfield after the ceremony. I love the blue, white, pink color pallet! If you like what you see, I highly recommend heading to www.kerryharrison.net to see more incredible photography!


11807216_10205523476859074_6924186606710602714_o 11802602_10205523477819098_861572219372804369_o 11823052_10205523476339061_7898795026391990447_o


11834745_10205523479219133_7339174469944509233_o 11823029_10205523475259034_8325012848657685523_o 11782282_10205523474779022_1158747862582291734_o


11728702_10205523474699020_3475142937667697971_o 11792103_10205523482259209_4998600088938434687_o 11816277_10205523480779172_86076131287532869_o

11807190_10205523479579142_3291051232021821893_oCake by: Desserts by Dana



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