Seasons May Change But I Will Always Love You

Alright, early risers! It’s nearing the end of August and everyone is rearing to start up with pumpkin spice and red and gold, but we’re not ready to give up Summer yet! This Morning Cup of Wedding is the perfect blend to suit your season transition tastes! Kerry Harrison Photography captured this beautiful summer weddinng at The Wellwood  bursting with the oncoming colors of fall. Its incredible how well this wedding captures the best of both seasons! To learn more about Kerry Harrison Photography, go to



11884688_10205613853278428_3594501693983631729_o 11850612_10205613857438532_6709266230307322771_o 11844985_10205613854438457_2319087605674790763_o

11879252_10205613850718364_6591133603311906249_o 11906797_10205613857598536_8335133667503921253_o

11882344_10205613849518334_4661571591017421848_o 11894401_10205613859518584_5318429439712881462_o 11143581_10205613850238352_6173805797615572630_n


11238257_10205613849358330_4193306855429479884_oDELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

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