Outdoor Wedding Summer Fields and Butterfly Kisses – Photography by Foschi

Sit back this morning and take a breather with this Morning Cup of Wedding. The late Summer weather is pleasant and Photography by Foschi has provided a perfect ambiance to help breath it in. Romantic fields, rustic barns, and a pop of color are just the things to say hello to the approaching new season. To learn more about Foschi Photography, click here

Foschi summer field wedding the flower arbor

Foschi summer field wedding bench

Foschi summer field wedding pop foot

Foschi summer field wedding stone steps brick wall

Foschi summer field wedding bride groom

“Little girl, little boy

If love has a way
Fill their fields with laughter
And scatter the sun on their day
And if it should happen to rain
Make their raindrops kisses
Straight from heaven above
That touch their hands and faces
And that fill them with love
And make the moon reflect their smiles
And their stars plenty
And, above all, keep them together
And hold them as you may
Forever and ever
Until their last day.”
Laura Miller, My Butterfly

Foschi summer field wedding stone steps brick wallFoschi summer field wedding pop foot  Foschi summer field wedding steps bride groom  Foschi summer field wedding the kiss Foschi summer field wedding laughing   Foschi summer field wedding the bride Foschi Summer field wedding stone walk Foschi summer field wedding the ceremony kiss


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