Down Where the Grape Vines Grow at Nassau Valley

This Morning Cup of wedding has got my heart all a flutter! This shoot looks like it takes place in a secluded far off wood, but this gorgeous setting is actually in Lewes at Nassau Valley Vineyards. All these photos are absolutely beautiful and dynamically taken by The Beards – Photography. They mentioned on their blog that Nassau Valley was “…so beautiful – grape vines, a tree lined driveway and lots of glowy, warm sunlight. We could have photographed these two in the vineyard all night!” If you want a reception venue that’s fun for both guests and photographers, take a look at Nassau Valley Vineyards! To learn more, click here.


nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00551 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00391 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00451 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00431 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00471 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00421 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00461 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00481 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00511 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00491 nassau-valley-vineyard-wedding-lewes-delaware-laura-coe-00571


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