Discover The Farmhouse

We’ve got one of the best seats in the house for a Morning Cup of Wedding today. We all know Wilmington has a lot of city, but if you’re looking to escape to a more country/rustic feeling The Farmhouse is a hidden treasure you HAVE to find. This venue is full of warmth and creativity with beautiful scenery! I mean, look at this gorgeous sweetheart table! To see more great photos of this unique venue and learn more about The Farmhouse, click the link here.

11147114_960372970695730_7620608771121175007_o 11908586_960372960695731_6187788209464817176_o 12004013_960372944029066_7203759360879796344_n 12006209_960372954029065_5766942967392932476_n 12006693_960372947362399_4758543437820645355_o 12015249_960372964029064_6406778817060342390_o


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