The Good Luck Wedding at Heritage Shores Club

I’m not crying, it’s just raining for this Morning Cup of Wedding. I’m not going to lie, the wedding party for this wedding is so genuine it was hard to not be emotional looking through this Heritage Shores Club wedding. That first look where you see Matt and his groomsmen as Chelsea walks down the aisle is killer. You can tell they all think she’s beautiful. Killer photography by The Beards – Photography! The serine and welcoming atmosphere at Heritage Shores really added to the simple and clean feeling of their wedding. Their covered porch also made a great photo spot for when it’s a rainy day! To learn more about Heritage Shores, click the link here.

Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0767_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0159_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0411_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0238_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0588_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0103_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0419_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0296_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0766_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0641_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0329_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0196_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0332_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0693_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-1082_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0725_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-0903_upload Chelsea-and-Matt-Wedding-1107_upload


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