The Importance of Atmosphere

One of the most important aspects Halloween and Weddings have in common is atmosphere. The World Cafe Live at The Queen has all the atmosphere a diva could want. The ceremony room on the upper floor has a great warmth and brightness while the reception stage below has a mysterious, romantic feel. But don’t take my word for it! Check out these amazing photos by Blonnie Brooks Photography. To learn more about the World Cafe Live at The Queen, click the link here.

12120159_10153119128752409_6415803470794508381_o 12068715_10153119129312409_1089316194920347683_o 12032645_10153119129867409_4442681837897257213_o 12068977_10153119129412409_764084513709414423_o 12068933_10153119129747409_2145117859299738494_o 11260593_10153119130242409_3627906589540858859_o 12113314_10153119128802409_9172385684743655495_o 12120047_10153119129197409_3176925654954210240_o 12132542_10153119129857409_6800568420503141179_o 2002-choppy-black


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