THE DRESS – Is Where This Farm Wedding Began. Louis Marie Bridal

Louis Marie Bridal bride

THE Dress! Not just any dress, but the one a bride has been waiting all her life to choose. As guests, we hold our breath as the first note plays for the bride’s entrance to see her in THE DRESS. It is the first item the rest of the wedding is built around. A great Bridal Boutique can make the process of finding that dress a helpful and enjoyable experience.This stunning bride, Amanda, and her party were adorned by Louis Marie Bridal LLC of Middletown. Couldn’t have been more perfect! Join Morning Cup of Wedding in enjoying the Eastern Shore Wedding of Amanda and Rick. Photos by the talented Dunks Photo. Click HERE for more about Louis Marie Bridal.

Louis Marie Bridal wedding bride and father

Louis Marie Bridal wedding whole party in front of barn

Louis Marie Bridal wedding bride and groom kiss in cornfield

Louis Marie Bridal wedding bride groom sweet look

Louis Marie Bridal wedding bride groom and boys

Louis Marie bridal wedding dramatic photo in field

Louis Marie Bridal wedding family dance

Louis Marie Bridal wedding the ceremony and sky

Louis Marie Bridal wedding field and silo  Louis Marie Bridal wedding at the altar


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