The Lamp Post and the Sweet Heart Tree

This Morning Cup of Wedding is really close to my heart. Lewes bride Laura and her groom, Finn, started their adventure together with a promise. A promise that they would follow each other into Narnia. So, when Finn finally purposed he did so under a lamppost with a red scarf wrapped around his neck. This past January the two took the final step into the wardrobe together with a magical wedding at the Carriage House at Rockwood Park.

Also avid book lovers in the general sense, Laura and Finn decorated their tables with guest’s favorite hardbacks, accompanied by lamp lanterns, of course. Her bouquet was even hand made with roses made out of book pages. The only real plant at their ceremony was a tree which they planted together with dirt from each other’s childhood homes. It was a beautiful representation of how their past and family, while different, also provides the foundation for their relationship to grow and continue growing.

Although the ceremony was sweet and tender, the reception flew into a full out swing. And I mean swing. Affinity Entertainment DE kicked off the party with a jam circle, a swing dance tradition where, in this case, the bride and groom danced in the middle of the circle and took turns swing dancing with any guests who jumped in. As you can see, The Beards – Photography were incredible in grabbing some amazing shots from the dance floor. But, the piece de resistance was the amazing cake from Desserts by Dana who did an amazing job combining Laura and Finn’s elegant tastes with something that they love.


One thought on “The Lamp Post and the Sweet Heart Tree

  1. Alex Vaughan and the staff at Affinity Entertainment De were pleased to also provide the music and sound support services for Laura and Finn’s wedding ceremony at The Carriage House.

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