Arrive in Old World Style

This Morning Cup of Wedding is here to teach a thing or two about making an entrance. Every bride has that moment perfectly framed in their memory. The moment the doors open where everyone turns to see the beauty of the long awaited bride. Well, Rachel took this a step up in the coolest way. Her and her bridesmaids arrived in front of friends and family by horse drawn carriage! I can only imagine how exciting this moment was for everyone.

Linton Photography went above and beyond to catch all the best parts of Rachel and Ryan’s wedding. Rachael had this to say:

“Thank you to [Linton Photography] for being not only FANTASTIC photographers but for being my emotional support and helping us have so much fun…you guys are the best!”

To learn more about Linton Photography follow the link below.

Venue: The Winery at Elk Manor

Photography: Linton Photography

Flowers: Amanda’s Florist & Gifts

Catering: Eleven Courses


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