Capturing Love Beyond Words


Foschi Orner maids reaction in church

Capturing Love is what is being served in this Morning Cup of Wedding, and it is captured so well by Photography by Foschi of Wilmington, Delaware.  Pictures are worth, in so many cases, what words can’t even say. The faces at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Glenn show so much genuine love and endearment that goes beyond words, and that capture is priceless!

Pink roses popped against the royal blue gowns worn by the loving and so lovely bridesmaids, and maybe one “not so lovely” bridesmaid (see photo below)

Foschi Orner Bridesman in dress

Wouldn’t any wife want to be gazed at unknowingly by their husband like this groom is gazing at his bride.

Foschi Orner Groom looking at bride

Love the emotions captured on these faces.

The ceremony of Mr and Mrs Glenn was followed by beautiful sunny day for photos at Concordville Inn.

Never, never forget to have FUN at your wedding!

Pink roses represent poetic romance.

And, I know, they will live happily ever after!

Foschi Orner kiss by gazebo


Photography:  Foschi Photography

Reception Venue: Paxon Hallow Country Club

4 thoughts on “Capturing Love Beyond Words

  1. I am the mother of the bride and I think Foschi photography did an amazing job and their staff did a great job of making everyone happy including helping the father and mother of the bride with last minute details .. Thank you Stephanie !

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with Foschi. Congratulations on gaining a son. The photos made me feel like it was a wedding I would like to have attended. Your daughter is so beautiful, and made a radiant bride. We are happy to feature this wedding.

  2. Hello, I am the groom featured in this article, and I would to say that Stephanie and Nick from Foschi Photography were the best to work with. Neither of them were bossy or arrogant. Everyone had a great time with them, they seemed to blend right into the bridal party. I would go back time and time again for any professional photos I need taken. 11 out of 10 stars, 3 thumbs up, I can’t give these two enough praise.

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