Have a Breathtaking Cake and Eat It too!


It’s been a while since Delaware’s King of Cakes established his title on the proving grounds of TLC’s first season of Cake Boss. Not that his crown is anywhere close to slipping. Desserts by Dana‘s cakes and confections continue to draw a crowd of their own. His craftsmanship and artistic eye are  meticulous, keeping careful observation  over the details that capture a physical embodiment of your wedding.

This wedding cake was made for Vicky and Ruben as winners of the Philadelphia Perfect Wedding Guide Desserts by Dana Giveaway. Here is what Vicky had to say about her experience:

EVERYBODY at the wedding loved the cake, they even came back for seconds! Some of the mansion staff were swooning over the cake, they even said it was the most beautiful and meticulously crafted wedding cake they’ve ever seen. The design was impeccable, and most of all, the taste was divine! All flavors were so good!

Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide is also running a Dessert’s by Dana Giveaway! To win the cake of your dreams, like Vicky and Ruben, follow the link here!


Who needs reception decorations with a cake like this?!


Cake: Desserts by Dana


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