Happy Bride, Happy Groom, Happy Life

Foschi wedding pink bride groom entrance blue gold room

So much personality is fabulously captured by Foschi Photography of Wilmington, Delaware at the wedding of Bree and Joe. From the first look to the sunglasses to the exuberant reception entrance and everywhere in between, the photos show that this couple is ready to love and live life together.

Be sure to notice the cuffs on the groom’s shirt sleeves. And, that soft dusty pink is a delicious color for a summer wedding. The ceremony and reception was encapsulated at the divinely beautiful Mendenhall Inn just a hop over the Delaware border. Much happiness to Bree and Joe. Added note, I love the textures and depths of contrast in the black and white shots by Foschi..quite an art!

SHHHH…The First Look…

Check the details on the groom’s cuffs and the soft dusty rose of the bridesmaids gowns

I pronounce you Husband and Wife..Now, you may kiss the bride!

Foschi wedding pink at the altarFoschi wedding pink the kiss

Liking the diversity of dress styles of the bridesmaids and definite cool cat look of the groomsman. But, Bree & Joe only have eyes for each other.

Foschi wedding pink kiss close up

Foschi wedding pink iron gates

Foschi wedding pink railroad tracks

Happy Bride, Happy Groom, Happy Life!

And a legacy of “They lived happily ever after”

Foschi wedding pink generation hands


Photography: Foschi Photography (Wilmington, Delaware)

Venue: Mendhall Inn

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