Iconic Love

What do you picture first when you think of a good, old fashioned, passionate romance? Personally, the iconic image of the sailor and the nurse in Time Square on V day readily pops into my mind – but, seeing Ashley and Pierre’s Rehoboth Beach Country Club Wedding may bring that classic ideal into the modern era.

 In the ultimate union of service, nurse Ashley and police officer Pierre make their stamp on time as some of the two most passionate and loving couples in history. Surrounded by an adoring audience of friends, these two simply shine as they face each other. Beneath a twinkling chandelier, Pierre twirls Ashley around the dance floor in his arms, making an iconic moment as shot by The Beards Photography.



Venue – Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Photography – The Beards Photography

DJ – Just Kicking Around Entertainment

Officiant – Mike Warren

Cake and Desserts – Sweet Malisa

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