Love Yourself, Love your Wedding

Growing up, every girl has been told that her wedding day is her day. Now that you’re almost to that momentous occasion it hardly feels like it, right? Catering, seating arrangements, location, traditional vs modern practices. Sometimes your wedding feels like it’s being planned around everyone and everything but you.  Continue reading “Love Yourself, Love your Wedding”

My Top 10 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for Brides by Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride (Some of the best advice you will read)

A rose is not a sunflower

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Hurray, you’re engaged! Have you started your pre-wedding weight loss regime yet? YOU HAVEN’T!? Oh my goodness, there isn’t a moment to lose –  make sure you read this before it’s too late!

1. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful and incredibly blessed to be marrying the love of your life. Even if you don’t believe what you’re saying at first and you feel utterly stupid even thinking about doing it, do it anyway! If you fill you brain (and your mouth!) with positive, lovely words about yourself rather than ugly and nasty ones, you’ll eventually start to believe them.

2. Realise that losing weight will not alter how you feel about yourself long term. Sure, you might get into a smaller size wedding dress, but you’ll still have the same insecurities. Instead of fixating on how you can make yourself thinner, become obsessive about working on your self-esteem and confidence instead. The results will last much longer.

3. There are no quick fixes or miracles cures. As alluring as it might sound, you won’t undo thirty years of bad choices, behaviours and habits in thirty days. So take all those magazine articles promising that shit and throw them in the bin. Or better still, have a sacrificial burning in the back garden.

4. Talk to your fiancé about how you feel. Let them reassure you that they love and want to marry you the way you look NOW (and they will, I promise!)

5. Rapid weight-loss is almost always followed by rapid weight gain. Realise that even if you do lose weight for your wedding you’ll likely end up putting it back on afterwards when you revert back to your normal eating habits. Who wants to look back at their wedding photos and think “Gosh, that doesn’t even look like me”, or “UGH I was so thin then, now I’m just a fat wife”? If you do end up losing weight then putting it back on you’ll only end up feeling bad about yourself again – it’s a vicious circle!

6. Wanting to get healthy and look after your body is a good thing, it’s not something to be discouraged. However my only hope is that you’re doing this because you want to make yourself feel better generally, not because you’re punishing yourself for being ‘bad’.

7. Take the money you’re planning to spend on that faddy diet plan and splurge on something extra amazing for your wedding. How about your dream photographer or a baller honeymoon!?

8. Buy a wedding dress that fits you. There is nothing worse than adding to the inevitable pre-wedding pressure with the worry about whether you’re going to be able to zip up your dress or not! If you do lose weight, then great! You can find a seamstress to take it in, but don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to reach impossible goals.

9. If you want to feel better in your body take up some gentle exercise, cut out the crap, drink less wine (that’s my problem!) and you will probably lose a few pounds. Wanting to lose weight to feel good about yourself is not a bad thing, but starving yourself will only make you feel terrible.

10. Two words: wedding cake.

Beautiful girl, you are a gorgeous, wondrous, unique and magical creature. There is no-one else on this planet like you. Your fiancé loves you FOR YOU and your self worth has absolutely nothing to do with your dress size, your pot belly or your bingo wings. The human body is an incredible machine, just look at all it’s done for you! It’s been working hard since the day you were born – keeping you alive, getting you from A to B, powering it’s way through every single day – so give it a goddamn break if it’s looking a little ropey around the edges!

I don’t want you to beat yourself up about wanting to lose weight, goodness knows you don’t need me making you feel worse about yourself, but please don’t fall into the trap of thinking a fad diet will solve all your problems or that thinner automatically equals better.

You are all so beautiful. Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 26, remember you are marrying someone who loves you unconditionally – yes, every last inch of you.

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Wedding Ideas: 5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor

Wedding Ideas: 5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding (Dedicated Post) by Wedding Snap

Rebecca Hinden Photography

Rebecca Hinden Photography

Whether held during summer or winter, seaside or way up high on a mountaintop, outdoor weddings are unrivaled in their versatility and beauty. With the help of our real-time photo-sharing app, we just love seeing all the fun and creative outdoor wedding ideasWedding Snap couples come up with, and we’ve also managed to pick up a few helpful planning tips along the way. Ready to get started creating the outdoor wedding of your dreams? Check out our top five tips below, and don’t forget to also share your own helpful suggestions!

1. Choose the Right Location 
It almost goes without saying that not all outdoor wedding locations are created equal, with a number of things to take into consideration that are entirely unique to each locale. Thinking of planning a seaside celebration? Things like tide schedules, noise levels and wind are especially important to consider. Is tying the knot at a local vineyard more your style? You’ll need to plan ahead to account for things like bugs, restroom availability and whether or not there will be enough shade for young and elderly guests.

With so many things to consider and no two locations being exactly alike, be sure to spend plenty of time thoroughly scouting venues and hashing out potential hang-ups before you commit to one spot over another. Some couples who initially have their hearts set on a specific dream location might actually end up changing their minds when they take into account things like inclement weather, permit requirements and other aspects that may not have come to mind when first envisioning their day. By addressing any possible snafus up front, however, you’ll be better able to relax and focus on having fun later.

wedding snap collage1

2. Consider the Season
Since the time of year can affect everything from temperatures and weather conditions to the types of flowers that will be in bloom at your venue, it’s important to choose the best season to match your vision. A spot that’s warm and gorgeous during the summer months, for instance, might be a bit too damp and cold in the spring. If you have time to plan things out far in advance, it definitely helps to visit potential locations during the same season in which you hope to have your wedding. Plus, don’t forget to also talk with your hired vendors about any specific things that might be affected by the weather and climate. A buttercream cake, for example, might not hold up especially well outdoors on a hot summer’s afternoon, so think ahead and make sure nothing is left to chance.

3. Select the Best Time of Day 
The time of day you choose can impact everything from temperatures to lighting, making this yet another key thing to consider while planning. Sunset weddings are always popular during the warmer months, since they typically provide somewhat cooler temperatures and also allow for some truly gorgeous photos. Of course, there’s also the possibility of planning a morning wedding or even one that takes place midday, so think about the climate and conditions at your chosen venue when making a decision.

4. Have an Inclement Weather Backup Plan
While you of course hope your wedding day will be free of rain and extreme weather, having a backup plan is always important. Tenting, if your venue allows it, can help protect against things like rain showers and intense sunshine, while severe storms or unbearable temperatures will likely result in a need to move things indoors entirely. Talk with your wedding coordinator and the venue’s staff to determine the simplest plan that will keep everyone safe.

5. Don’t Let Hot or Cold Temperatures Spoil the Fun
Finally, when your guests, not to mention you and the rest of your wedding party, aren’t sweating or freezing, it’s easy to focus on the reason you’re there – to celebrate and have a great time! Take the terrain and climate into account when choosing your shoes and dress, and help keep guests from becoming too hot by providing plenty of water and shade in warm climates, along with things like paper fans and parasols. Cold weather, on the other hand, might call for hot chocolate and pashminas, so just as with everything else already mentioned, spend some time focusing on the details that will help ensure a fun and enjoyable time for everyone!

Wedding Snap Collage2

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? What other helpful tips and wedding ideas do you have to share? Leave a comment below for us here at the wedding blog!

About Wedding Snap:
Wedding Snap is an innovative photo-and-video-sharing platform and app that allows couples to instantly collect and share hundreds of their guests’ wedding photos and videos in real-time. With Wedding Snap, couples can gather all of their precious wedding memories in one place with ease. Wedding Snap is the simplest photo-and-video-sharing experience that uses iPhone and Android apps to instantly collect guests’ memories in an online, real-time album. Every photo and video taken with this wedding app is immediately uploaded to the online album. No waiting or begging. Your guests can watch your wedding happen in real-time, no matter where they are. And best of all, it’s so simple, a 5-year-old could use it.

Wedding Guest Etiquette…you are invited! Be sure to be thoughtful through the following..

Getting invited to a friend’s wedding is most likely exciting for people, especially since it’s basically an invitation to have fun with old friends and party on their dime. However, it’s also important to remember that the bride and groom-to-be have been spending much of the last year or so in wedding planning mode – picking out everything from wedding decoration ideas to wedding ceremony songs – meaning they’ll expect their big day to go without a hitch.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you understand the etiquette of being a guest, so the couple won’t regret having you there.

Make sure to RSVP
Sure, you might have gotten the formal invitation for the wedding, but since you’ve been discussing the big day with the bride throughout the planning process, you may assume there’s no need to send back that you’ll be attending because she knows. Wrong. According to The Huffington Post Wedding, RSVPs are not an option, they are mandatory and help the couple figure out exactly how much food, drink and other items to order.

Secondly, it might be slightly embarrassing when the bride has to call you up and ask you if you’re coming, when you know you could have just sent the RSVP back.

Don’t assume you can bring a date
You might think that in this day and age everyone gets to bring a date to a wedding, but this is certainly not the case. The best way to figure out if you can or cannot bring a date is to check the invitation itself, The Frisky reports. If the card is solely addressed to you, it’s likely you’re being invited sans a guest. However, if you’ve been dating your guy for awhile and he knows the couple, it could be OK to ask the bride and groom about whether or not he’s invited – just make sure not to get upset or question it if he isn’t.

In most cases, brides and grooms will opt to allow married couples, those who have been dating for a long time, or guests who don’t know many other people at the wedding to bring a companion. Any other special requirements or exceptions will need to be made by each couple individually, since planning a wedding is a lot of work and expensive. Image

Body Type and Wedding Dresses..what to look for.

When shopping for a wedding dress, great advise to keep in mind!

Dresses for Your Body Style by Courtney (onewed) Image

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there’s a lot to consider… the price, designer, current bridal trends, the style and season of your wedding, not to mention what you’ll think of it 20 years down the road…! The most important thing is that you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world when you’re walking down the aisle to marry the guy of your dreams. To ensure that you not only feel, but LOOK gorgeous on your wedding day, you need to consider what body shape you have and select a dress that will flatter you. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for (and what to stay away from) based on body type:

Large Bust: If you have a large chest, you’ll want to go with a dress that has one or more of the following features:
• Scoop neck
• Full coverage V-neck (you don’t want it dropping too low)
• Halter-top neckline
• Off-the-shoulder neckline
• Have your heart set on strapless? Go for sweetheart rather than a straight cut strapless
• Bodice fabrics with sheen (organza, satin, silk), as they’ll add volume and call attention to your chest. 
• Ruched fabric on the bodice; this has the same affect as fabrics with sheen.
• Straight-cut strapless; these’ll make your chest look like a shelf, not exactly the look you want on your wedding day!

Small Bust: Are you a bit smaller on top? Go for one of these style dresses:
• Strapless with ruched bodice (to add volume)
• Halter-top
• Bateau necklines
• One shoulder necklines
• Empire silhouette dresses

Pear-shape: If you’ve got a pear-shaped body, you’ll want to de-emphasize your hips, and turn the focus onto the narrowest part of your midsection or toward your neckline. The following styles will help with that:
• Strapless dresses
• V-neck
• Scoop necklines
• Spaghetti straps
• Off the shoulder dresses
• Full A-line gowns
• Ball gown
• Diagonal draping (does a fantastic job of accentuating your curves!)
• Bateau neckline
• Basque waists
• Empire silhouettes
• Go for a fabric that is a bit sturdier in its construction
• Sheath silhouettes
• Trumpet and Mermaid gowns
• Fabric that is clingy or too flowing

Apple-Shaped: For an apple-shaped body, you’ll want to go for a dress that will draw the eye upwards toward the bodice or neckline. Try these:
• Asymmetric neckline
• Deep v-neck – any plunging neckline, really
• Scoop neck
• Strapless empire silhouettes
• A-line silhouettes
• Princess silhouettes
• Empire waists
• Ball gowns
• Sheath silhouettes

Hourglass: Similarly to pear-shaped, you’ll want to accentuate the smallest point on your waist. And be sure to show off your curves!! These features will look fantastic on you:
• Off-the-shoulder
• A-line dresses
• Standard or dropped waist – dropped waists elongate your torso
• Mermaid and trumpet silhouettes
• Sweetheart necklines
• Sheath silhouettes
• Ball gowns
• Empire silhouettes
• Fabrics that are too clingy or tight

Straight/Rectangle: If you have a square body type (athletic builds fall into this category), you’ll want to choose a style that will lengthen your torso. These styles will definitely flatter you:
• Bateu necklines – they balance narrow shoulders and smaller chests
• Spaghetti straps
• Sheath (column)
• Ball gown
• Mermaid
• Trumpet
• A-lines
• Creative neckline
• Necklines that fall below your collarbone – these add a great touch of femininity
• Drop waist skirt – this elongates your torso nicely
• Empire waist gown
• Soft sheath
• Princess gowns
• Basque waists
• Portrait necklines
• Off-the-shoulder dresses
• Halter tops

Full figure: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try for a dress that will show off your voluptuous upper body while flattering your waist and hips. These styles will look great on you:
• V-necks
• Scoop necks
• Sweetheart necklines
• A-Line dresses
• Ball gowns
• Dropped-waist A-line gowns
• Flat-front ball-gown
• Empire with a high waist (just under bust-line)
• Unconstructed silhouettes
• Clingy silhouettes
• Sheath dresses
• Spaghetti straps
• A-lines that start at the chest
• Pleated fabrics
• And just remember, if it’s too loose, it will add pounds

Tall: You tall ladies will want to find a gown that accentuates your length. Try on dresses that have the following characteristics:
• Plunging V-necks
• Halter tops
• Open necklines and backs – the more open, the better!
• Sheath silhouettes
• Mermaid & trumpet gowns
• Ball gowns
• A-line dresses with a defined waist
• Bias-cut silhouettes
• Princess dresses

Petite: Smaller and petite brides should keep their gowns simple; too much embellishments and eye-catching appliques will just look overwhelming and awkward. You’ll also want to try for a style that will create length without interrupting the bodyline. Try these styles to look fabulous:
• Sweetheart necklines
• Halter tops
• Cowl necklines
• Mermaid or trumpet w raised waistline—and heels!!
• Soft-drape Grecian-inspired style
• Sheath silhouettes – this is better on thinner body types
• A-line gowns
• Empire waists
• Princess gowns
• Eye-catching necklines that will draw the attention up—nothing too flashy though!
• Ball gowns
• Dropped-waist silhouettes
• High collars and overwhelming necklines