Glamour Before the Storm

This Morning Cup of Wedding is here to celebrate the fearless couple Loren and Danny who pushed through hurricane Joaquin and came away with a dazzling wedding. Bumps in the road like bad weather on your wedding day or a low supply of printer ink when you’re trying to print your special love note can make your day more memorable and special than before, but Eastern Shore Events did a great job of ironing out those bumps and making sure the rest of the day was smooth sailing. Just check out these flawless photos by Heather Ryan Photography. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events, click here.


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The Little Things with Eastern Shore Events

This little Morning Cup of Wedding put a big smile on my face. Its the little details that make your wedding special and Eastern Shore Events is all about those details. This adorable wedding shot by Tony Weeg Photography is full of small cute details from custom corn hole boards down to the grooms socks! There is no one better than Eastern Shore Events to make sure all those memorable details stay in line and show up exactly when you want them. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events, follow the link here. Also, make sure to head over to their facebook page and like their new logo!

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Sea Glass and Sailing at the Ferry

Its seaglass and sails for this Morning Cup of Wedding. If you’re looking for some unique and charming inspirations, you’ve GOT to look at this Cape May – Lewes Ferry wedding organized by Eastern Shore Events. The blue tones are serene, but also fun and well accompanied by catering by Bethany Blues of Lewes. All these photos were taken by Lavender and Lily Photography. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events’ great planning or Bethany Blues, follow the links below.

Bethany Blues
Eastern Shore Events












You Will Yell “Encore” with Wedding Event Planner Angie Gillis

Morning Cup has a special guest joining us this morning and, boy, do they aim to please. Encore Events by Angie Gillis is an incredible one stop shop for all your wedding needs. Not only do they offer full event planning, but they also do rentals, props, favors, florals, and anything decor! The majority of their props are hand made in their own warehouse! To learn more about Encore Events, click here But…not before you check out these fabulous photos of Encore’s weddings and creations!

The Ceremony, The Brides, The Grooms

Your Personal Style Created

Encore Events mixed beach 21

Encore Events mixed beach 3   11903795_10153470491898211_2203785854585101779_n

Encore Events mixed beach 1

Encore Events mixed beach 5

Encore Events mixed beach 10

Encore Events mixed beach 29

Encore Events mixed beach 18

Creative Tablescapes, Drapes and Lighting in all Tastes and DesignsEncore Events mixed beach 2

Encore Events mixed beach 11

Encore Events mixed beach 15

Encore Events mixed beach 17

Wedding Decor reflects the bride and groom

Encore Events mixed beach 14

Encore Events mixed beach 13

Encore Events mixed beach 16

Happy Bride, Relaxed Bridal Party, Gorgeous Bouquet  A great event planner can make all the difference!

Encore Events mixed beach 19


Breathtaking Beach Wedding Goes All According to Plan

Morning Cup of Wedding has seen many beach weddings, but this one is for the books. The setting, the lighting, and the colors couldn’t be more breathtaking. This astonishing event couldn’t have been planned better thanks to Eastern Shore Events who has also been nominated for Coastal Style Magazine‘s Best of 2015. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events, click here.


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