Perfect Expressions

The overall purpose of a wedding should be the expression of love – from family members, from friends, between the bride and the groom. Really, without knowing, everyone takes part in what makes a wedding such an obvious expression of love, from the wedding party to the careful craft that goes into each detail that makes the event happen.

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The Secret to a Good Hair Day is Bad Hair Day?

Have you been dreaming about sea salt curls at an ocean side wedding? Morning Cup of Wedding knows just the place to make sure each lock falls perfectly on your perfect day. Bad Hair Day? in Rehoboth Beach is ready to ensure everyone in your party has the best hair, makeup, or relaxation day they’ve ever had. Pour some whiskey and bring in the groom and his groomsmen in for a good, old fashioned straight razor shave! Whether it be the day of or a bachelorette spa day, Bad Hair Day? guarantees a smashing good time with their lovely British inspired decor. Just don’t pull a run away bride with motorcycle. To learn more about Bad Hair Day?’s services, visit their website here.


Modern, Elegant, and Powerful Styles

This Morning Cup is a quick shot of espresso! Exciting, bold, and full of flavor! These are the teaser photos from a shoot styled by Trilogy Salon and Spa at the rock star venue that is World Cafe Live at The Queen. If you’re looking for a dynamic duo, you’ve found them right here. Trilogy Salon has that full glamour style and attitude! A perfect match for the edgy, modern style of The Queen. To learn more about how to party in style like a primadonna, check out the links below.

Trilogy Salon and Spa

World Cafe Live at the Queen

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