Their Wedding Sparkles, and So Does Their Love



“If there’s a yellow rose in (Delaware),she must be the one…
Her father knew my love was true for his daughter, Kelly Ann” (song Lyrics: Jimmy Buckley)

A gorgeous venue, a gorgeous bride, and a gorgeous wedding was shared with us by Delaware Bride Mrs. Kelly Ann Krajewski with husband Patrick Krajewski. Kelly Ann reached out to Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide in search of an item for her wedding, and was so sweet to remember to share her momentous day with us.

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Elegance to Be Remembered

Blueprint Radner Valley columns bride and groom

Put majestic columns of the Radnor Valley Country Club together with an elegant wedding couple, dramatic lighting, and a magnificent Delaware Photographer, Blueprint Photography and you get wedding photo magic.

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Lavendar & Lace & Grandmother’s Gown

There is an incredible sweetness captured by Creative Image Associates Photography for this Delaware beach wedding of Lexy and Drew. A throw back feel to a time when weddings focused on  the bride and groom and their loving future.

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Capturing Love Beyond Words


Foschi Orner maids reaction in church

Capturing Love is what is being served in this Morning Cup of Wedding, and it is captured so well by Photography by Foschi of Wilmington, Delaware.  Pictures are worth, in so many cases, what words can’t even say. The faces at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Glenn show so much genuine love and endearment that goes beyond words, and that capture is priceless!

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Hearts Race at Heritage Shores

Morning Cup of Wedding has a great wedding to inspire your fourth of July weekend. As most of us know, America’s favorite way to celebrate is loud and proud, but fireworks aren’t only the perfect way to end a day of barbecuing.

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Intimate Wedding-Deep Connections

Hagley Museum and Library is a wonderful venue offering a lot of choices for great photography, but nothing can make a photograph like the bond between family and friends at an intimate wedding. And, in this case, a picture by Fantail Photography, is definitely worth more than a thousand words. Catch the love, the fun, the comfortable humor, the elegant portraits and the beauty of Hagley from the wedding of Steph and Patrick. Congratulations and much happiness! (Click on each photo to see full size)

Hagley Fantail bridal party cute expressions

“Intimacy,though part of many close relationships, is not synonymous with with love or exclusivity. Intimate friends are people who like each other, enjoy each other’s company,
go out of their way to help each other, and are concerned for each other’s welfare”.



Hagley Fantail bridge bridal party

Hagley Fantail Bridge bride groom

Hagley Fantail bride groom guests cheesecake


Venue: Hagley Museum and Library

Photography: Fantail Photography

He Will Always be Her Blue Jeaned Baby

Brittney and Damian show that tuxedos are not the only way to go to bring swagger to a wedding. I love when a couple brings their personality and interests to their special day. The rugged blue jeaned groom and gorgeous elegant bride just fit together like hand in glove. It is the kind of thing that country songs are made of. Usually we are talking about the bride’s veil, but I am going to focus attention on the groom’s head piece, that amazing black hat! Thanks to Blueprint Photography who captured this day so well. So much love and sweetness shines through these photos. White Clay Creek Country Club lends the backdrop and excellent venue for Brittney and Damian’s early fall wedding and reception. Much continued happiness to the couple. For more about Blueprint Photography Delaware photographer Click Here  For more about White Clay Creek, Wilmington, DE Click Here


Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide

Joy Within All Things

This bride has enough spirit to jolt you awake for this Morning Cup of Wedding. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a wedding that is shining with happiness, but like the saying “Happy Wife Happy Life” it can all ride on the bride. With Julie, there was absolutely no need for worry. Her happiness and delight is evident in every single photo. Kerry Harrison Photography does an amazing job picking up the different kinds of joy throughout her day. Soft, romantic warmth on the bridge. Ecstatic delight at the alter. Free and fun loving at the reception. What a great process to remember. To learn more about Kerry Harrison Photography, go to


Delaware Fall Wedding – Peak of Love, Peak of Color


Baker Barn wedding maple tree bride groom

The peak of Melissa and Bryan’s love, their wedding day, was celebrated at the peak of Autumn color as seen by the gorgeous backdrop in these marvelous photos by C.M.Baker Photography for our Morning Cup of Wedding. A red shuttered gray barn and a beautiful farmscape also painted a lovely background for bride, groom and party. Congratulations to the happy couple! For more about C.M. Baker Photography, follow this link:

Baker Barn Wedding bride groom diagonal

Baker Barn wedding  ceremony kiss

Baker Barn wedding bride groom under tree

Baker Barn wedding silly party pic

Baker Barn wedding bride groom red shudders

BAker Barn wedding bride and maids back flowers

Baker Barn wedding bridal party and arch

Baker Barn Wedding framed party

Baker Barn wedding maple trees bride foreground groom



From Elegant Traditional Wedding to Charming Rustic Barn Reception With a Musical Twist

Memorable Events church wedding dancing and Mumers

Leave it to Morning Cup of Wedding to add a little zip POW to your Friday morning. And leave it to Memorable Events by Peggy to make sure that POW doesn’t fizzle out during your wedding. Helena and David’s wedding was full of color and pop from the ceremony to the reception. The rich hues and brightly strung lights gave the Figure 8 Barn a bit of a New Orleans feel and definitely made for a great night of music and celebration. The bride was was surprised when The Mummers made an entrance! If you want to make sure your wedding keeps its sizzle, learn more about Memorable Events by Peggy here:

Memorable Events church wedding Memorable Events church wedding aisle

Memorable Events church wedding 2 Memorable Events church wedding flowers Memorable Events church wedding reception Memorable Events church wedding table decor

Memorable Events church wedding cake

Memorable Events church wedding barn foyer

Memorable Events church wedding wall photos

Memorable Events church wedding wall photo