Rustic and Cozy

A great atmosphere really makes that Morning Cup of Wedding that much more satisfying. The Farmhouse in Wilmington, DE is nothing if not atmospheric. If your wish is a gorgeous landscape with deep rustic tones, The Farmhouse has got you covered. Extremely cozy and whimsy. Look at some of the great weddings they’ve hosted. To learn more about The Farmhouse click the link.




11214124_906214532778241_8788170805824883985_n 8a08a128-83ea-48ac-a0da-4b4e5ab79e25 19786_906214579444903_2323823510896211325_n

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At a Wedding by Delaware’s Rehoboth Bay

This Morning Cup of Wedding will sweep you right off your feet. The love this couple has for each other is straight out of a fairytale and well suited with an enchanting ceremony by the Rehoboth Bay and a sparkling reception at the beautiful Rehoboth Beach Country Club. Great photography was provided by Michael Beard Photography There is a whole pot of pictures for this gorgeous wedding so pour yourself another cup by checking out this link. To learn more about the Rehoboth Beach Country Club follow this link here.







rehoboth-beach-wedding-lisa-anthony-0056 rehoboth-beach-wedding-lisa-anthony-0033 rehoboth-beach-wedding-lisa-anthony-0017

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After All These Years

This Morning Cup of Wedding is here to show you its never too late to pour a fresh cup. After three years, this couple still embodies the love and excitement of a freshly engaged couple. All this love was creatively captured the talents of  Exposed Branches Photography at Tyler Arboretum. To learn more, click the here.


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Colorful and Classy In Philly

Get ready for this colorful and classy Morning Cup of Wedding provided by the equally classy Kerry Harrison Photography. Take in the aroma of these bright and atmospheric photos from the Downtown Club, Philadephia. To learn more about Kerry Harrison Photography and check out more of this fantastic shoot, follow the link.

Kerry Harrison downtown 4Kerry Harrison downtown 6

Kerry Harrison downtown 10

Kerry Harrison downtown 7

Kerry Harrison downtown 3 Kerry Harrison downtown 1 Kerry Harrison downtown 8

 Kerry Harrison downtown  11 Kerry Harrison downtown 13 Kerry Harrison downtown 5 

Open Air Enchantment

Morning Cup of Wedding is being served on the sunny patio of the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant and Marina overlooking the beautiful view of the C&D Canal. Chesapeake Inn has a variety of rooms and areas to suit your wedding, reception, bridal shower, bachelor party, From outdoor patios with outdoor kitchens to elegant ballroom settings, this is definitely a place to check out for your wedding. For more about Chesapeake Inn, look here

10985431_10153221374708211_4234111401882700910_n 11141228_10153221374693211_690664496640803785_n 11193382_10153221374773211_2449848058583685753_n 11013402_10153221374688211_8016671284250947038_n 11138145_10153221374678211_958209607835896443_n 11150876_10153221374748211_3003890629934881397_n.DELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

Overflowing with Joy

Blueprint Photography tills our Morning Cup of Wedding to overflowing with joy from the wedding of this wonderfully animated couple. Every photo captured such joy, emotion, and love. Be sure to flip through the photos and view their wedding cake! For more about Blueprint Photography, follow this link.

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11231747_10153232501288211_5460178734030763848_n 11152679_10153232501268211_1796290772041087951_n

11212747_10153232501238211_8565283751731472981_n 11212747_10153232501233211_7297057538486026334_n


11260933_10153232502908211_2075359042559332929_n19610_10153232502903211_2583419433768478310_nDELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

Set Up Magic

Sit back with Morning Cup of Wedding and watch the magic happen with Dover Rent-All Tents & Events . Do you have a dream of how your wedding will appear? Dover Rent-All can put a venue where there is none, and in this case, transform a venue, Nassau Valley Vineyard into an amazing stunning space. For more about Dover Rent-All Tents and Events, go here.


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11245500_10153230768118211_3848501077460171096_nDover REnt All Nassau top hat cake patio lightingDELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

Hippity Hoppity Down the Wedding Aisle

These wedding photos are just sweet enough sugar up an Easter Morning Cup of Wedding. Huffington Post early last month posted a fun photo collection perfect for our favorite bunny loving holiday. Introducing a whimiscal ‘Peter Rabbit’ themed wedding shoot! For the full image gallery hop on over to Huffington Post or click on this link.

slide_408044_5114256_freeslide_408044_5114246_free         slide_408044_5114230_freeslide_408044_5114226_free

slide_408044_5114232_free 2015-03-05-1425586550-2707618-PeterRabitt22of235