Intimate Wedding-Deep Connections

Hagley Museum and Library is a wonderful venue offering a lot of choices for great photography, but nothing can make a photograph like the bond between family and friends at an intimate wedding. And, in this case, a picture by Fantail Photography, is definitely worth more than a thousand words. Catch the love, the fun, the comfortable humor, the elegant portraits and the beauty of Hagley from the wedding of Steph and Patrick. Congratulations and much happiness! (Click on each photo to see full size)

Hagley Fantail bridal party cute expressions

“Intimacy,though part of many close relationships, is not synonymous with with love or exclusivity. Intimate friends are people who like each other, enjoy each other’s company,
go out of their way to help each other, and are concerned for each other’s welfare”.



Hagley Fantail bridge bridal party

Hagley Fantail Bridge bride groom

Hagley Fantail bride groom guests cheesecake


Venue: Hagley Museum and Library

Photography: Fantail Photography

Autumn Fairy Tale Whimsical Wedding at the Hagley Museum

You’re not gonna believe you’re awake because this Morning Cup of Wedding is just dreamy. Maria Mack Photography captured a fairy tale of a wedding at Hagley Museum and Library complete with beautiful lights, whimsical autumn foilage, and beautiful architecture that frames this special wedding day and ceremony. To learn more about Hagley Museum, click here:

Hagley wedding fairytale soda house windowsHagley Wedding Fairy tale the ceremony  Hagley wedding fairytale kiss soda house windows

Hagley wedding fairytale leaf and rings

Hagley wedding fairytale birde groom in front of stone and brick wallHagley Wedding fairytale distant shot soda house and stone buildings

Hagley wedding fairytale bouquet and dress

Hagley Wedding fairytaile tablescape

Hagley wedding fairy tale kiss

  Hagley wedding fairytale dress in treeHagley wedding fairytale hands Hagley wedding fairytale lanterns Hagley Wedding fairytale invites Hagley wedding fairytale bride groom Hagley wedding fairytale ceremony 2 Hagley Wedding fairytaile tablescape Hagley wedding fairytale bouquet Hagley wedding fairytale shoes on fence Hagley wedding fairytale dress and suit stone wall Hagley wedding fairytale bouquets

Hagley wedding fairytale bride groom walk