Winery, Wine, and a Wedding

Nassau Valley Sam Ellis in front of stone

“The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.”
― Marty Rubin

What is more pleasurable, comfortable, aesthetic, and quaint than an intimate outdoor wedding at a winery. In Delaware, you can find that place at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes, Delaware.

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Sweet Simplicity in the Details: A Nassau Valley Vineyards Wedding

The simplicity of this wedding at Nassau Valley Vineyards shows that you can have an interesting, beautiful ceremony and reception without going over the top. Look closely, in the simplicity there are a lot of little details that make it so individual to the Bride and Groom (including celebrating their little guy’s birthday with a football theme). I love the selfie stick for photos! And, OH, that pig! Marvelous! Kudos to A Touch of Jules event planner for a job well done. Congratulations to Ashley & Chris!


Down Where the Grape Vines Grow at Nassau Valley

This Morning Cup of wedding has got my heart all a flutter! This shoot looks like it takes place in a secluded far off wood, but this gorgeous setting is actually in Lewes at Nassau Valley Vineyards. All these photos are absolutely beautiful and dynamically taken by The Beards – Photography. They mentioned on their blog that Nassau Valley was “…so beautiful – grape vines, a tree lined driveway and lots of glowy, warm sunlight. We could have photographed these two in the vineyard all night!” If you want a reception venue that’s fun for both guests and photographers, take a look at Nassau Valley Vineyards! To learn more, click here.


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Set Up Magic

Sit back with Morning Cup of Wedding and watch the magic happen with Dover Rent-All Tents & Events . Do you have a dream of how your wedding will appear? Dover Rent-All can put a venue where there is none, and in this case, transform a venue, Nassau Valley Vineyard into an amazing stunning space. For more about Dover Rent-All Tents and Events, go here.


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11245500_10153230768118211_3848501077460171096_nDover REnt All Nassau top hat cake patio lightingDELAWARE PERFECT WEDDING GUIDE

Springtime Wedding: New Love, New Life…Nassau Valley Vineyards, Lewes, DE

Loving these beautiful elegantly rustic settings to enjoy our Morning Cup of Wedding. And this one is in time for Mother’s Day as well. Congratulations to this couple for all the new blessings in their life.‪#‎NassauValleyVineyards‬ offers a variety of backgrounds for incredible wedding memories. These are taken by Sam Ellis Photography. Enjoy! For more about Nassau Valley Vineyards, Click Here

Nassau purple and white sam ellis bride and groom outside

Nassau purple and white sam ellis bride and girls Nassau purple and white sam ellis bride bw belly Nassau purple and white Sam Ellis Nassau purple and white sam ellis ceremony  Nassau purple and white sam ellis bride groom field Nassau purple and white sam ellis the kissNassau purple and white sam elllis bride groom bw

We’ve Got Elegance – An Intimate Nassau Valley Winery Wedding, Lewes DE

nassau dover rent all elevee table scape 2 This is a Morning Cup of Wedding Elegance! Beautiful Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes, DE, Dover Rent-All Tents & Events – Lewes Showroom with Elevee Events brought this detail rich intimate Wedding and reception to a reality for the happy couple. For more about Nassau Valley venue, Click here For more about Dover Rent-All, Click here Nassau Dover rent all elevee table close up Nassau dover rent all elevee reception decor Nassau dover rent all elevee grooms and umbrella Nassau Dover Rent all elevee cake and champagne Nassau Dover Rent all elevee table and guests toast Nassau dover rent all elevee grooms in purpleNassau dover rent all elevee background drapes for ceremony nassau dover rent all elevee table and musiciansnassau dover rent all elevee table and guests

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