Elegance to Be Remembered

Blueprint Radner Valley columns bride and groom

Put majestic columns of the Radnor Valley Country Club together with an elegant wedding couple, dramatic lighting, and a magnificent Delaware Photographer, Blueprint Photography and you get wedding photo magic.

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Sailing Through Time

Take a deep breath of that historic ocean air because this Morning Cup of Wedding takes place in Lewes. The Beards – Photography had the great opportunity to photograph Stephanie and Kyle’s wedding at, one of the town’s treasures, the Zwaanendael Museum. The gorgeous green grounds looked amazing with the bright blue bridesmaid dresses on this sunny summer day. But, the city of Lewes not only has history, it has taste! Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant was the perfect place to sail to for the reception. Talk about blue! Bright blue sky, bright blue sea, what else could be a perfect ending to a perfect day? Maybe a front row seat to a classic Delaware sunset. How romantic. To learn more about Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant, follow the link here.

Glamour Before the Storm

This Morning Cup of Wedding is here to celebrate the fearless couple Loren and Danny who pushed through hurricane Joaquin and came away with a dazzling wedding. Bumps in the road like bad weather on your wedding day or a low supply of printer ink when you’re trying to print your special love note can make your day more memorable and special than before, but Eastern Shore Events did a great job of ironing out those bumps and making sure the rest of the day was smooth sailing. Just check out these flawless photos by Heather Ryan Photography. To learn more about Eastern Shore Events, click here.


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They Know How To Celebrate at Irish Eyes

We have just the wedding to kick start your Friday on Morning Cup of Wedding! This wedding party had such a good time they were literally doing back flips! Jess and Donny’s big day definitely stayed true to the celebratory spirit at Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant. Their beautiful beach wedding transitioned perfectly to the pub with great decorations and a ready to party all night outdoor deck with a waterfront view. Thank you to Marlayna Photography for sharing these beautiful and fun photos! To see more great photography, visit www.marlaynaphotography.com and to learn more about Irish Eyes Pub follow the link below here.


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