Winery, Wine, and a Wedding

Nassau Valley Sam Ellis in front of stone

“The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.”
― Marty Rubin

What is more pleasurable, comfortable, aesthetic, and quaint than an intimate outdoor wedding at a winery. In Delaware, you can find that place at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes, Delaware.

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A Break In the Clouds

This past week has been full of rain and grey skies, but this Morning Cup of Wedding’s couple were lucky enough to get a break in the clouds on their big day. Kerry Harrison of Kerry Harrison Photography got the timing just right before the big storm hit on the grounds of Hagley Museum and Library. Talk about calm before the storm too. The garden scenery is so serene and romantic. I’d like to think that peek of sunshine coupled with the bright yellow of the train car are signs for a bright and happy marriage for Laura and Adam.

Venue: Hagley Museum and Library – Wilmington

Photographer: Kerry Harrison Photography

Flowers: Bloomsberry Flowers

Fire The Cannon!

Morning Cup of Wedding is here to launch you into the week…with a CANNON! Angela and Richard really knew how to use a historical venue to the most awesome potential. Their wedding reception at Hagley Museum and Library had a strong start with a cannon demonstration, starting off their marriage a literal bang! Their lovely wedding cake, which was transported all the way from Virginia, nicely complimented the mother of the groom’s homemade, traditional Vietnamese gelatin cake. One of my favorite touches were the large origami-like flowers that hung with the puff balls from the ceiling. They made a great decorative atmosphere with their memorizing detail. Not to mention the great atmosphere in Hagley’s gallery I! The low wooden beams give the crisp space a delightful mix of classically simple and rustic farmhouse. To learn more about Hagely Museum and Library, be sure to visit Hagley Weddings on Facebook.



Venue – Hagley Museum and Library

Centerpeices and Table Rentals – Celebrations Design Group


Covered Bridge Kisses

Yesterday you might have seen Hagley Museum and Library as one of Delaware’s 14 Jaw Dropping Places. This Morning Cup of Wedding is going to help confirm just that! There is also no one better to showcase the absolute beauty Hagley has to offer than the talented Kerry Harrison of Kerry Harrison Photography. Full of rustic charm and classic style, the Hagley Soda House offers both a unique ceremony and reception space. The grounds are just perfect for those memorable shots. Love the covered bridge kiss! To learn more, check out the links below.

Venue: Hagley Museum and Library

Photography: Kerry Harrison Photography

Perfect Pair and the Perfect Day

I’m going to hope you’re in love this close to Valentines Day, because if you’re not you’re going to fall in love with this Morning Cup of Wedding. This is probably one of the most perfect weddings I’ve seen yet. Its simple with elegance and style and absolutely filled to the brim with joyful people. The bouquets and florals by The Twisted Vine Wedding and Event Florals carry theme of delicate but breathtaking. Their design is classic, but the colors and the fullness are just sort of WOW! Even the weather couldn’t help but smile on Rose’s and David’s big day. Although her chosen something blue was her super cute blue sole Betsy Johnson heels, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful blue sky. The Heritage Shores Club had the perfect spots for the Twisted Oaks Studio to catch amazing moments with their great photography. To view more about these great vendors, check out the vendor list at the bottom of the page!

Something old: bouquet was wrapped in my mother’s garter from her wedding
Something new: veil
Something borrowed: mother’s pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings
Something blue: Betsy Johnson shoes that the gems sparkle blue and sole is blue​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Cake: Cake Art
Bridal Gown/Veil: Claire’s Fashions in Wilmington
Photography: Jay and Sandy from The Twisted Oaks Studio
Hair/Makeup/Custom made hairpiece over veil: Taffeta Hair & Makeup Design
Stationary/Signs (other than welcome sign from Etsy): Narola Design & Letterpress

New Beginnings at The Newark Country Club

Good morning brides of the new year! What better way to start off the first Morning Cup of Wedding of the New Year than with a new venue? The Newark Country Club is the newest addition to the Delaware Perfect Wedding Guide group. I love the unique array of facilities they have over the grounds! Just take a look at the great photos by Jim Heine Photography. He captures the absolute versatility of this gorgeous venue. To learn more about the Newark Country Club, follow the link here.

Do The Twisted Vine

Rainy days are perfect for a Morning Cup of Wedding. If the cloudy skies are making you feel gloomy, The Twisted Vine Wedding and Event Florals is here to twist that frown upside down! This gorgeous combination of light pinks and deep blush will hopefully brighten up your day like it brightened up this great barn venue at The Winery at Elk Manor. I also absolutely adore this hay bale outdoor seat! Perfect for fall weddings! To learn more about The Twisted Vine, follow the link here.

12042793_1701566920063313_7560864246996470252_n 12039223_1701566980063307_260056285630350738_n 12036719_1701567023396636_625398445540509366_n 12011183_1701567150063290_1356993305657772506_n 12039517_1701566990063306_2452327579969700989_n 1479241_1701566940063311_6932878375202280900_n 12042898_1701567170063288_3548988206893152257_n 12037961_1701567036729968_6438953847763897638_n 12036609_1701566893396649_1221638276312306321_n 12038006_1701567116729960_463545841738698323_n 12047194_1701567183396620_3847697770747951608_n


Discover The Farmhouse

We’ve got one of the best seats in the house for a Morning Cup of Wedding today. We all know Wilmington has a lot of city, but if you’re looking to escape to a more country/rustic feeling The Farmhouse is a hidden treasure you HAVE to find. This venue is full of warmth and creativity with beautiful scenery! I mean, look at this gorgeous sweetheart table! To see more great photos of this unique venue and learn more about The Farmhouse, click the link here.

11147114_960372970695730_7620608771121175007_o 11908586_960372960695731_6187788209464817176_o 12004013_960372944029066_7203759360879796344_n 12006209_960372954029065_5766942967392932476_n 12006693_960372947362399_4758543437820645355_o 12015249_960372964029064_6406778817060342390_o


Perfect Rustic Floral Decor Complements Rustic Venue – Twisted Vine Wedding & Event Florals, DE

Twisted Vine log fall flowers

Morning Cup of Wedding is hoping to brighten up your Monday with some gorgeous flower arrangements! The Twisted Vine Wedding and Event Florals made the perfect match in color and presentation to compliment the rustic Spring Hill Manor – Event Venue -Barn Weddings. The log flower boxes are a genius idea for the table centerpieces and I adore the cascading textures in both bouquets. To learn more about The Twisted Vine, follow the link HERE

Twisted Vine log fall flowers wood box

Twisted Vine log fall flowers 2

Twisted Vine log fall flowers sweetheart table decor

Twisted Vine log fall flowers entry flowers 2 Twisted Vine log fall flowers entry flowers

Twisted Vine log fall flowers table decor