Black Eyed Susans and Sweetness at this Hilton Christiana Wedding Photographed by Escudero Photography

Our “morning cup of wedding” is being enjoyed on a Brilliant day among Black Eyed Susans including such sweet moments as a Mother//Daughter Dance, Beautiful photography that captures the love and joy of the day by Escudero Photography: Wedding & Family Photography, DE Lovely venue as well Hilton Christiana Wilmington, DE. For more about Escudero Photography follow this link:


Escudero Hilton Christiana bride groom kiss black eye susansEscudero Hilton Christiana ceremony

Escudero Hilton Christiana two boys and brideEscudero Hilton Christiana groomEscudero Hilton Christiana bride portraitEscudero Hilton Christiana bride gazeboEscudero Hilton Christiana first danceEscudero Hilton Christiana cakeEscudero Hilton Christiana ring bearer and brideEscudero Hilton Christiana table decorEscudero Christiana Hilton groomsmen in front of home





Escudero Hilton Christiana mother daughter dance Escudero Hilton Christiana bride profile

Like Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach, A Gorgeous Wedding Venue Appears Where None Stood Before by Dover Rent-All Tents and Events

Like Cinderalla’s pumpkin becoming a beautiful white coach, Dover Rent-All Tents & Events creates a gorgeous wedding venue where none stood before. Our end of week “morning cup of wedding” represents the magic from tent, to tables, to lights, floor and decor that creates the stage for wedding/reception magic For more info on Dover Rent All Tents and Events follow this link:–32932/



Dover Rent All tables and Chairs tent


Dover Rent All Tent for garter bride


Dover Rent All Cake N&B


Dover Rent All the garter



Dover Rent All The Bride


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A “To Go” “Morning Cup of Wedding” as We Give You a Tour of World Cafe Live at the Queen Wilmington, DE

This “morning cup of wedding” comes in a “to go” cup as we take a tour of this amazing Venue World Cafe Live at The Queen Wilmington, DE for Wedding and/or Reception..many different rooms and choices for 70 Guests to over 200 guests. Sound system, food and service are fabulous. This video tour takes you through each room stripped to the bare bones and then dressed up for weddings. Take pleasure in this tour and the wonderful traveling music as well. Enjoy!

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Could Facebook Be a Dying Fad?? (Marketing for the Wedding Industry)

Could Facebook Be a Dying Fad? 
Marketing Opinion by Kimberly Crossland 
According to recent studies, Facebook struggles to attract and hold the attention of a young demographic. 18 to 30 year olds no longer seem to see the value in logging in to Facebook and using it to connect with their peers and favorite businesses. Instead, a noticeable shift is taking place toward other social networks, such as
Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat. 

The shift comes as a surprise to many, especially small business marketers who thought having a Facebook presence was critical to social media success. Now, it seems that more of the younger generation steers away from Facebook for a new type of content.
Text posts and updates can feel overwhelming, boring, pushy or too self-promotional. As social media networks become more focused on visual stimulation rather than text, 18 to 30 year olds seem more inclined to follow and share pictures, images or videos.
For small businesses with a large Facebook presence, it may be time to take a step back and reevaluate your social media marketing strategy. 
Here’s how your wedding business can get to work to keep the attention  
of this influential demographic:
1.Make your social media presence about sharing, not bragging – Some teens, when surveyed, said that they prefer the low key social media platforms, such as Instagram and Tumblr, because it feels more like sharing information and photos rather than bragging about accomplishments and competing for the most likes or comments. Take this into consideration when creating your social media strategy and focus more on the value of content you put out on social media. Instead of pushing your products, share ideas. Instead of promoting your service, share new things that people may want to try. This will make it easier to capture and hold the attention of this up and coming generation.
2.Create a presence on Pinterest – Pinterest continues to remain the hot social network among brides to be as they recruit their friends to start pinning ideas and planning for their wedding on Pinterest. Because of the high number of brides to be on Pinterest, this social media platform may be your best resource for finding new clients. Create a variety of boards, optimize your pins with keywords in your descriptions and put price marks on your items to attract the most people to your Pinterest page and business.
3.Give incentive to check in or like your company on Facebook – Although the trend appears to be shifting away from Facebook right now, you still want to maintain a presence on this social media giant. One way to do this is to give incentive for your customers to check in with you on this platform. For example, if you own a gift shop with wedding materials, offer a free unity candle for checking in and sharing your business on Facebook. This will increase your presence to your customer’s followers, show Facebook’s algorithm that your business is relevant and active, and keep your page looking full of activity.
4. Partner up with other wedding businesses – You have known the benefits of networking in the wedding business, and now social media offers another reason to partner with others in your area. By using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or others, you can reach a larger fan base and target prospective customers with minimal investment. Put together a joint promotion and both partners win from the effort.
While the younger generation begins to drift toward other social networks, it is important to note that they still maintain a presence on Facebook. Although this presence is weaker than it once was, marketers still must include Facebook in their social media marketing plan. But as more young people turn to other social networks, the need for social media marketing on other platforms is more important than ever.

Advice for Wedding Pros and Businesses: Are You a Shiny New Object?

By: Brandi Zrallack, Director of Corporate Market Operations Image

Last week, I spent my days in our Las Vegas market. As you might expect, some of our time was spent on the Las Vegas strip as we navigated different venues meeting with wedding professionals. While we were making our way down the strip, it dawned on me that the largest of hotels encounter what the smallest of wedding businesses do; that is, constant new competitors.When I first visited Las Vegas, it was 1997. The Sands had just been demolished and the New York, New York was among the newest of hotels. I returned to Las Vegas in 1999. The Bellagio was open. On my next visit In 2001, the Paris and Venetian hotels were up and running. Since then, the Wynn, Encore, Aria, Cosmopolitan, and more have opened. With each opening, people flocked and were anxious to do business with the new property.


In addition, with each new hotel/casino opening, the once popular venues found themselves struggling to keep business coming through the doors. On my first visit, people were flocking to New York, New York, but today, you can tell the lack of newness and the lack of new desire has taken its toll.


So, I began to think about what has helped the many aging hotels stay popular. The MGM is still booming. In fact, it just hosted the Billboard Music Awards this week. However, the Luxor, that was a huge deal when it opened, is now definitely a less popular location. The Bellagio has remained a hot destination, possibly because of the Ocean’s 11 film or because of its entertaining fountains, while Treasure Island has lost some of its attraction.

What makes some stay hot while others falter? At MGM, they just opened a new club that is getting a lot of buzz. In fact, you can see a billboard advertising the club every time you turn a corner in Las Vegas. Caesar’s Palace is larger than ever. They are constantly building new structures and sell more rooms than any other resort. Is that due to the “Hangover” franchise? The Mirage has free entertainment as well as some big shows such as Love and Terry Fator.

There are two ingredients that can keep some venues, as well as small wedding businesses, hot while others begin to wane. What are they?

1. Creating desire for your products/services.

2. Marketing and advertising the desire to build awareness.

As in the case with MGM, an older property competing with newer resorts, they continuously add something to desire about their property. From the biggest fights in town to hosting huge celebrity events to the best new clubs to remodels and updated attractions, the MGM continues to draw people in with new, attractive entertainment. However, people wouldn’t be aware of the entertainment if the property didn’t create awareness by marketing and advertising.

You see, there will always be new, shiny objects that attract customers in the marketplace. Whether it’s a venue, a photographer, a DJ or a unique service, you will always have new competition trying to take your market share.

The key to your survival is to make sure you stay current, fresh, innovative, on top of trends, and always look to create desire for your products and/or services. Don’t allow the hungrier, newer competitor to come on to the scene with the latest technology, hottest new products, and services with which you can’t compete. And, be sure that you’re staying in front of prospects and other wedding professionals at every turn. From advertising to networking, bridal shows, online presence and more, you have worked to afford your marketing efforts and therefore, you should have more muscle to flex in the marketplace. Stay present so people can consider you.

We will always have new competition and we have two choices on how to handle it. One, we can stay fresh and desirable and ensure that our message and marketing is rock solid or we can grow old and tired, pull back on our marketing efforts, grow an ego and sit around and complain about all of the business competitors are taking from us.

The choice is yours; build and constantly rebuild or demolish the empire you’ve built and people can sit around and say, “Remember when they were in business? Whatever happened to them?”

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