Bridal Essentials to have Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day

Bridal Essentials to have Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day (and before your makeup trial),

Meet theExpert: Shea Zephir,

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One of the greatest moments of any wedding is awaiting the glamorous reveal of the bride’s finished look. Every bride knows that on her day she will have all eyes on her as she channels her inner red carpet celebrity style for her love. But before we can get to the Oooooo’s and Ahhhhh’s, check out these beauty essentials from Beauty Expert and Make Up Artist Shea Zephir that any bride can do to assure flawless skin for her big day.

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Before the Makeup Trial
Even though the makeup trial is just a consultation, having you skin at its best state helps both the makeup artist and the bride customize and create a flawless application that both parties envision. Try some of these tricks to have supple clear skin for your makeup consultation.

9-6 months prior to the wedding date incorporate professional monthly facials into your regime
On a budget, or a naturalista like myself try these DIY Food Masks:

Honey Lemon Mask (Do not exfoliate skin before using this method)
1/2 of fresh lemon
2 teaspoons of raw honey

Mix until the consistency is like that of cough syrup and apply. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water to remove. Pat dry and apply a creamy moisturizer (I highly recommend Cetaphil). This mask only needs to be repeated once a week or twice a month depending on skin sensitivity.

Pore Shrinking Juice Mask
½ Cucumber juice
1 cup Rose water
1 tbs. Lemon juice

Mix above all the ingredients and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 min then rinse your face. This will definitely shrink your pores.

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You should maintain your eyebrows 48 hours before any makeup application to avoid redness and skin irritation. Waxing the brows is a good way to achieve a shape, however threading the brows is a cleaner more precise method, results in less irritation, and the hairs grow back slower and thinner. All facial hair removal should be done 72-48 hours before the wedding day.

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Steam and Ice Method:

DIY: Boil a pot of water and apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil; Lavendar, Tea Tree, Chamomile etc. Drape your head over the pot with a towel for 10-15 minutes. Pat your face dry with a cold wash cloth. Fill a medium sized bowl with ice and then take both hands and submerge your face with the ice for 30 seconds. You now have refreshed and taught skin that is free of impurities.

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At the Makeup Trial
– Always bring pictures of the beauty looks you want to achieve. Verbal descriptions leave room for dissatisfaction.

– Know what type of makeup wearer you are: Natural, Glam, Retro, etc… this is a helpful guide to what you like to see on your face.

– Understand “Natural” makeup. Many naturalistas are not accustomed to wearing layers of makeup even if the colors are muted and soft. A natural makeup application to the eye and to the camera is very different in intensity. Natural makeup means soft muted colors such as browns, pinks and beiges on the face.

– Always speak up. If you do not like to wear smoky eyes or black liner do not let any artist talk you into that look just because it is an evening wedding. As professionals there are plenty of options for evening makeup looks minus a smoky eye

-Take pictures of the finished product with a high-rez camera and make you final decision then. Remember you wedding is a lifetime event and pictures are forever

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After the Makeup Trial
– Continue to maintain the beauty regimes you did before the makeup trail. Flawless skin takes consistency.

– Stay away from using new beauty products. Skin can be very sensitive so don’t risk it.

– Fall in love with lukewarm lemon water. It is a diuretic, aids digestions, boosts your immune system, clears skin, enhances your mood, freshens breath, and aids in weight loss

– Use the Steam and Ice method the night before the wedding for perfectly prep skin on the day of the wedding.

– A month away from you wedding get a hydrating facial with products you already use on your skin. No chemical peels, microdermabrasions, or intense deep pore cleansing facials that can cause ugly irritations.

– Don’t leave the house without using sun screen. Cleanse, moisturize, and protect.

Remember to treat your skin just as you would a baby. Be gentle, consistent, and leave out as many harmful chemicals as possible. Nourish your skin with natural ingredients. Makeup only enhances the natural beauty that is already there. Investing in your skin regime and a professional makeup artist will result in that flawless look you’ve always wanted.

Wedding Ideas: 5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor

Wedding Ideas: 5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding (Dedicated Post) by Wedding Snap

Rebecca Hinden Photography

Rebecca Hinden Photography

Whether held during summer or winter, seaside or way up high on a mountaintop, outdoor weddings are unrivaled in their versatility and beauty. With the help of our real-time photo-sharing app, we just love seeing all the fun and creative outdoor wedding ideasWedding Snap couples come up with, and we’ve also managed to pick up a few helpful planning tips along the way. Ready to get started creating the outdoor wedding of your dreams? Check out our top five tips below, and don’t forget to also share your own helpful suggestions!

1. Choose the Right Location 
It almost goes without saying that not all outdoor wedding locations are created equal, with a number of things to take into consideration that are entirely unique to each locale. Thinking of planning a seaside celebration? Things like tide schedules, noise levels and wind are especially important to consider. Is tying the knot at a local vineyard more your style? You’ll need to plan ahead to account for things like bugs, restroom availability and whether or not there will be enough shade for young and elderly guests.

With so many things to consider and no two locations being exactly alike, be sure to spend plenty of time thoroughly scouting venues and hashing out potential hang-ups before you commit to one spot over another. Some couples who initially have their hearts set on a specific dream location might actually end up changing their minds when they take into account things like inclement weather, permit requirements and other aspects that may not have come to mind when first envisioning their day. By addressing any possible snafus up front, however, you’ll be better able to relax and focus on having fun later.

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2. Consider the Season
Since the time of year can affect everything from temperatures and weather conditions to the types of flowers that will be in bloom at your venue, it’s important to choose the best season to match your vision. A spot that’s warm and gorgeous during the summer months, for instance, might be a bit too damp and cold in the spring. If you have time to plan things out far in advance, it definitely helps to visit potential locations during the same season in which you hope to have your wedding. Plus, don’t forget to also talk with your hired vendors about any specific things that might be affected by the weather and climate. A buttercream cake, for example, might not hold up especially well outdoors on a hot summer’s afternoon, so think ahead and make sure nothing is left to chance.

3. Select the Best Time of Day 
The time of day you choose can impact everything from temperatures to lighting, making this yet another key thing to consider while planning. Sunset weddings are always popular during the warmer months, since they typically provide somewhat cooler temperatures and also allow for some truly gorgeous photos. Of course, there’s also the possibility of planning a morning wedding or even one that takes place midday, so think about the climate and conditions at your chosen venue when making a decision.

4. Have an Inclement Weather Backup Plan
While you of course hope your wedding day will be free of rain and extreme weather, having a backup plan is always important. Tenting, if your venue allows it, can help protect against things like rain showers and intense sunshine, while severe storms or unbearable temperatures will likely result in a need to move things indoors entirely. Talk with your wedding coordinator and the venue’s staff to determine the simplest plan that will keep everyone safe.

5. Don’t Let Hot or Cold Temperatures Spoil the Fun
Finally, when your guests, not to mention you and the rest of your wedding party, aren’t sweating or freezing, it’s easy to focus on the reason you’re there – to celebrate and have a great time! Take the terrain and climate into account when choosing your shoes and dress, and help keep guests from becoming too hot by providing plenty of water and shade in warm climates, along with things like paper fans and parasols. Cold weather, on the other hand, might call for hot chocolate and pashminas, so just as with everything else already mentioned, spend some time focusing on the details that will help ensure a fun and enjoyable time for everyone!

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? What other helpful tips and wedding ideas do you have to share? Leave a comment below for us here at the wedding blog!

About Wedding Snap:
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