Venue Like a Work of Art

Has your loved one ever told you that you’re so breathtaking you belong in a museum? Well, if they did and that managed to catch your attention instead of a heavy eye roll then perhaps you should take a look at the Delaware Art Museum. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your wedding photos will be worth millions.

The museum has a gallery of wedding photo opportunities. Tents are available on outdoor grounds or you could choose to have your reception inside the building itself. The blown glass sculptures are party ready with their colorful burst patterns and what says sophisticated more than an outing to the museum?

If you’d like to learn more about the Delaware Art Museum, enjoy the photos and check out the link below.

0438-kcg_6393.jpg0505 - KCG_64950534-dv2_3027.jpg0761 - KCG_68700515 - DV2_30360559 - DV2_30710551 - KCG_65880524 - DV2_30450538-kcg_6577.jpg

Venue: Delaware Art Museum


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